Monday, June 1, 2009

Many lives, many stories

It's not impossible. Sometimes you can reduce the largeness of life to one single word :relationships. The characteristic way in which each of us deals with people around us - those we love, those we know, even those we hate. A mother and a daughter. Two colleagues. Neighbours. Somewhere within these relationships is the real -albeit simple - meaning of life.I started to portray one little glimpse of someone else's life.
The first one was easy. The butterfly story came from a picture. The characters came from life. As more stories developed, the line between fact and fiction slowly started blurring. There were incidents from real life that got woven into the fabric of the story. But where the warp of the fabric was reality, the weft was fantasy.
Each character got a texture of real life and yet was not someone that I knew. Each story said a little bit about a character but a whole lot about life.
Each relationship explored brought out a new meaning into my relationships with others.
Each time I was a different character and yet each time I was the same.
And every time a new story fell into place and got completed, I had opened another door into a new relationship.
Now that I think of it, the relationships that I can explore are countless, the stories that emanate from there are limitless.
Something inside me tells me life has many more stories to tell.

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  1. Very sensitively and poignantly written. We often pride ourselves on our individuality, something we so so revere. It's only later in life one comes to see that our individuality is not entirely our own...and that a lot of relationships, good, bad and ugly, have invested in us. We remain in our relationships whatever such investments we have chosen to attract and retain or continue to attract.